Free Return : 24 countries

Return shipping label provided. Effective date: 5th Sep 2023,Previous order is unavailable

You will have 30 days from receiving the item to return it without any reason and for free if the item's conditions meet our requirements. Each buyer can benefit from the Free Return for maximum 2 times per month.

Support Countries:
Canada, United States, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Ukraine, France, Mexico, Italy, Chile, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal, Israel, Russia, Belgium, Germany


The seller has the right to refuse a refund in the following cases:
1.    The goods sent do not match the goods purchased in the order
2.    The returned item that has been worn, damaged, washed, or altered in any way.
3.    For the goods that need to be returned after the seller's review, the buyer must deliver the goods to the designated place through the return label provided by the seller in accordance with the website's statute of limitations.,
4.    If the buyer fails to deliver the goods to the designated logistics provider within the time limit specified by the website; or the buyer arranges the logistics provider by himself and fails to deliver the products to the designated return warehouse within the time limit specified by the website, it will be deemed to have voluntarily waived the right to return. After giving up, the seller will no longer arrange a return for it.


Note: The original shipping fee and Shipping Guarantee are non-refundable.



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